Infant Baptism

St Pius X-19

The birth of a new child is a very happy and holy event. Therefore, when we introduce the child into the Church Community through Baptism, it calls for a celebration. Baptism preparation anticipates this celebration. Participants enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to discuss and share views on this important sacrament.

Our Baptism preparation program was initiated to help parents and sponsors understand why we baptise our children. The subject is discussed in practical rather than theological terms. The basic themes of Christian Community and parental responsibility are developed in the overall context of the baptismal ceremony. Thus, the baptism event has more meaning for those present.

Parents are required to take an Infant Baptism Class prior to the Baptism of their first child.

Registration for Baptism Classes can be arranged by contacting the Parish Office.

Older teens, young adults and adults are invited to contact the parish office for programs suited to their needs. See also RCIA.


Baptism Preparation Classes are held on the first Tuesday of the Month, except for the months of July and August.  Classes start at 7 PM in the Church.

You can fill in the Baptism Registration form and either bring it to the class or send a copy to the office.